A full-service philanthropic advisory firm that meets your needs - no matter where you are in your philanthropic progression.

a philanthropy blueprint

We work as a thought partner with emerging philanthropists to build a blueprint and the operational structures required to achieve your giving goals. 

  • Surface, distill, and define your values, social change goals and vision for giving
  • Refine and establish philanthropic focus areas
  • Build a theory of change to strategically translate resources into purposeful philanthropy
  • Design and implement grant and social investment guidelines
  • Establish specific charitable vehicles and execute an organizational structure to meet your immediate and future philanthropic goals

resources with purpose

We also advise more established philanthropists, including those with existing Donor Advised Funds and/or foundations and trusts to add new structure for more strategic giving. 

  • Identify and vet approaches for catalytic giving and investments around bold ideas
  • Assess successes and failures of current giving approaches
  • Expand strategic approaches to leverage resources through impact investments and/or targeted political contributions
  • Intermediate with partners as your strategic advisor
  • Work with legal, financial, and tax experts to ensure the most tax efficient asset allocation
  • Coordinate grants and compliance management and assist with regulatory filings
  • Conduct landscape analysis, subject-specific research, due diligence and monitoring results
  • Facilitate meetings and learning exchanges with grantee partners, beneficiaries, policy makers, and family and board members

Additional services

We also serve our clients’ social change needs over time.

  • Storytelling and support of your public profile
  • Organize and execute fundraising to support specific causes and organizations
  • Compile research, briefings, and analysis related to nonprofit board responsibilities
  • Advise on targeting for political contributions to support progressive causes and candidates
  • Facilitate multigenerational engagement in family philanthropy   

Clients + Partners

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