Recent + Relevant News

  • Going All In - The Nathan Cummings Foundation pledges to put all of their $400M+ of assets behind their mission, becoming the largest private U.S. foundation to go all in.

  • Roadmap for Impact Investing - The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) released a well received and practical roadmap for the future of Impact Investing.

  • Opportunity Zones - Several national groups have helped to highlight the new Opportunity Zone program. The heads of Kresge Foundation and LISC discuss the potential in a recent CNN article.

  • Take It To The States- Progressive groups continue to expand their work to win seats in State Legislatures across the country. Vox and The Nation highlight some of the excellent efforts already showing results. (I also wrote about this last year).

  • Rise in LGBTQ Candidates - Just like the increase in women running for elected office, there is a surge of out LGBTQ candidates running in 2018.

  • Corporate Philanthropy - Cisco announced a five year, $50 million commitment to a much larger public-private partnership to build more than 4,800 units of housing in Santa Clara County. Google is putting up $300 million over the next three years to fight fake news and support digital journalism. Ripple, a virtual currency company, fully funded every DonorsChoose classroom project (35,000 of them) with a $29 million donation.

  • Big Foundation News - The Laura and John Arnold Foundation, with its “technocratic bent,” is raising the debate around pharmaceutical prices before the November elections.

  • Protesting and Suffering - The New York Times offers an important look at new racial justice activists, including those who have recently died.

  • Heart vs Head - Two nonprofit commentators discuss giving from the head versus giving from the heart, raising some helpful questions for individuals to consider in their personal philanthropy.