Recent + Relevant News, Readings, and Podcasts!

recap of recent news on progressive issues and philanthropy.

  • Climate Action - U.S. businesses, foundations, nonprofits and local and state government officials are at UN climate talks this week in Bonn, Germany to showcase their ongoing commitment to real climate action.

  • Mega Donors - The New York Times reports on a new crop of mega philanthropists changing the norms of big philanthropy by spending quickly and taking on “ hot-button social and political issues.”

  • Criminal Justice - The Bronx Freedom Fund, who has provided bail money to thousands of poor New Yorkers, is expanding nationally, opening more than 30 offices in the next five years.

  • 2017 Election Takes - Four progressive leaders reflect on the recent election outcomes.

  • Tax Policy - The Republican tax plan could have big impacts on charitable activities in the U.S.  

  • Silicon Valley Philanthropy - The Chan Zuckerberg Initiativeannounced the CZI Community Fund to invest in Silicon Valley communities. This comes as there are considerable discussions about how the mega wealthy can better support local Bay Area communities.

  • Right Wing - Inside Philanthropy discusses how a major right-wing mega donor uses philanthropy to fund political attacks.

  • Voting Rights - The New Yorker Radio Hour podcast goes deep on how voter fraud is used as a cover to pass voter suppression laws.

  • Gun Policy - As we continue to work towards real and meaningful gun control policy, Radiolab’s More Perfect podcast is out with an amazing podcast on the Second Amendment.