We are guided by a strong commitment to build a more just, inclusive, equitable, and resilient world.

Purposeful & Outcomes Focused

We hold a strong strategic orientation so clients can invest in meaningful and effective social change, not arbitrary giving. We are all in for progressive, social change - collaborating with clients beyond grant-making, by strategically targeting where their charitable gifts, investments, and political contributions will deliver consequential results and achieve outsized impact long-term.

Client focused & Determined

We work with only a limited number of select clients to honor our commitment to tailored, personal guidance. As a boutique firm, we are flexible and nimble, allowing us to adapt quickly to meet the needs of our clients and their partners in the field.

Progressive & Engaging

We are committed to social justice and equity. We listen, reflect, and learn from direct experiences to promote effective change, making us responsive to the needs of our clients, partners, and communities in need. We are guided by evidence and strategy and work with clients to take risks and leverage resources to advance meaningful, positive change at scale.


who we are

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